Breaking into my own van

March 26, 2017

All of sudden the door to the bathroom wouldn’t open any more. It appeared that the lock on the door broke. Too bad that all screws to the bathroom construction are inside. I had to disassemble the roof window to access the bathroom from the top. Obviously it’s not too hard to break into a camper van. :thinking:

Once I was inside the bathroom I replaced the broken door lock with a new one that I found on eBay.

Broken bathroom lock

One of the brackets holding the table in the back also looked very fragile. Once I’ve touched it, it just fell apart:

Broken bracket

I couldn’t find a compatible replacement, so I rebuilt the bracket out of aluminum which seemed way more solid than the original plastic version.

Self-made bracket replacement

While investigating the whole vehicle in more detail I also realized some moldy wood at the back behind the bumper. The sealing was completely gone and after removing the bumper you could see how the wood had soaked up the water over time:

Moldy wood behind the bumper

I was a bit shock but luckily only the bottom part was moldy. I removed the bad parts…

Removed moldy wood

… got rid of all the old glue, fixed the holes on the bottom panel and finally sealed everything with Dekalin, a sealant used by several camper manufacturers.

Sealed bumper

It started to rain the very next day and the wood behind the bumper stayed totally dry. Another fixed issue and new lessons learned about what to check when buying a used camper van! :heavy_check_mark:

I can’t wait to start the work I’ve originally planned to do: installing the solar system and the router for the mobile internet. Once these are ready I can finally hit the road and work remotely from anywhere. :minibus: :sunny: :computer: