Ruby on Wheels: The story of a developer living on the road.

:wave: I’m Jakob, a software engineer from Germany. I live in a camper van and work remotely for GitHub. On this website, I write about my experiences building, living and working out of a camper van.

At GitHub we use Ruby on Rails, a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. As I work on Ruby projects from my van that has wheels, I thought it’d be funny to replace Rails with Wheels for the title of this blog. :thinking:

In early 2017, I bought a Mercedes-Benz 209D camper van from 1984, ordered a solar system, turned the van into a mobile office and learned how to fix it. After traveling with the 209D for more than a year through Europe and Northern Africa, I sold it in June 2018 and started rebuilding an old military ambulance truck to make it my new mobile home.

Since I hit the road on May 11th, 2017, I came across many places in several countries:

I love hanging out with people. Do you want to meet up? Shoot me an email!