Coming back to the ocean

December 16, 2017

I arrived at the coast on Thursday evening. It was too dark outside to find a nice spot, so I parked my van in a parking lot next to a beach restaurant a few kilometers south of Sines. As soon as I left the van, a friendly buddy came by to say “hi”.

Dog greeting me

Wow, he was really big! We played a little bit and spend the whole evening together. After we shared a meal, he slept in front of my van.

Dog sleeping in front of my van

In the morning my new friend was already gone. Like him, I didn’t really like the spot and followed a dirt road around the corner.

View on the ocean from my van

Better! A plateau on a cliff with rocks in the back that offered shelter from the wind.

Parked van on a cliff

The perfect place to spend my last working day before the weekend started. The weather was still rough and it rained occasionally. But protected by the rocks, my van didn’t shake at all.

The clouds disappeared during the night, so I could enjoy a beautiful scenery in the morning.

Sunrise on the cliff

I really missed these views. So beautiful! It felt great to be back.