Hanging out with the gang

August 6, 2017

Today, I left three awesome guys that I met about two weeks ago. Alex, Markus and Severin are surfer buddies from Bavaria, Germany. They’ve been traveling along the northern Spanish coast in their VW T4 vans. For a couple of days, we were parked next to each other at a beach near Aviles.

Our vans parked next to a beach

While I was working, they went surfing or relaxed. In the evening, I’d join them to surf, eat dinner, drink beers and pose at the beach…

The gang at the beach

…while enjoying the beautiful sunsets:

Beautiful sunset

Awesome, funny dudes that you want to be friends with! Originally, I had planned to stay for one or two more days. But I enjoyed their company so much, that I decided to stay longer. When the weather turned bad, we drove further west and ended up spending a long and fun night in Viveiro.

Drinking beers in a bar in Viveiro

The day after, the sun finally came back and we went surfing at Playa de Esteiro. One of the most beautiful beaches I visited in the north of Spain. A lonely bay…

Playa de Esteiro

…surrounded by amazing cliffs:

Cliffs at Playa de Esteiro

The perfect place to fool around with the gang. :sunglasses:

The gang at Playa de Esteiro

I love these guys! They’ll be missed! I can’t wait to see them again!