Hanging out with the Mercedes gang

February 4, 2018

I left Imsouane on a cloudy morning last week. I had a final look at the little fisher and surfer village from the cliffs before I drove further down south.

View from the cliffs near Imsouane

My short drive ended a few kilometers in front of Aghroude. The area looked worth exploring. I spotted three old Mercedes vans behind some argan trees when following a little path. Their owners were German as well. Stefan came here with his red 407D, Robert (number 1) with his purple 208D and Robert (number 2) with his white 310D. Great spot, cool vans and cool owners! I decided to complete the gang with my 209D.

Four Mercedes vans on the cliffs

Robert (number 2) is a developer, too, and works on his own software products. Robert (number 1) and Stefan are currently full-time travelers living off their savings. Stefan also runs a blog where he wrote about his van trips through the Middle East, Northern and Central America.

Stefan’s van

The 407D caught my eyes immediately. Stefan proudly presented his van from the outside and inside. We sat in his comfortable wooden “apartment” and had a look at all the photos telling the story of the van’s conversion. He spent about a year rebuilding the whole body and interior. I loved the result!

Stefan in his 407D

A typical weekday in our community

I spent most of my breaks with the others. We often cooked together. Like this huge fish that we had for lunch.

Huge fish for lunch

Delicious and not too heavy. A perfect meal for lunch!

Fish in the pan

While the others were relaxing and dealing with their own things, I worked from my office that offered a nice view over the ocean.

Office with view over the ocean

I usually left my office before the sunset and joined the others at the campfire.


The place was perfect to relax and have a conversation while waiting for our dinner to be ready.

Tajine in the campfire

The weekdays flew by. I really enjoyed the vibe of our community. It reminded me of the time when I lived in a shared apartment with good friends. We all had our own rooms but spent a lot of time together. Good times! I decided to stay longer.

Maintaining our vans

We used the weekend to clean and maintain our vans. I aired and sweep my van until everything looked shiny again.

Van from inside

Robert fixed a broken bench in his van while I built another frame to fix a second gas bottle. I ran out of gas the other day and bought a “new” bottle filled with cheap Moroccan gas. I kept the “old” bottle because I was not quite sure if I’d be able to exchange the “new” bottle in Germany again. :wink:

Gas bottles

The biggest project was Stefan’s 407D that didn’t run on full power anymore. He tracked down the problem to the fuel supply. So, we removed the tank to further investigate the problem.

Removed tank of the 407D

We realized that the air supply was blocked which might have caused a vacuum preventing the diesel to flow into the engine. We also added some missing clips to the fuel hose. A successful test drive in the evening proofed that we actually fixed the issue. :clap:

Test drive during the sunset

I really enjoyed the ride in Stefan’s 407D. It’s definitely a different experience than driving in its little brother. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll move from the T1 into the T2 model? :wink: