Building the shower cabin

January 5, 2019

I’ve been really enjoying the time with my friends in Bavaria so far. Their farm is a lovely place in the heart of Bavaria.

My friends' farm

The garage in front of their house is a huge building that provides a lot of space.

Garage in front of the house

We were able to enjoy a couple of sunny days but the weather became colder quickly. It didn’t take long until the first snow covered the ground. :snowflake:

Garage in front of the house

I luckily didn’t have to worry about rain or snow because I could set up a little workshop in the garage.

Workshop in the garage

There was enough space for doing wood work and removing some rust behind the bumper.

Removing rust behind the bumper

Building the shower door

I’ve spend most of my time in the garage working on the shower cabin. There were a lot of limiting factors like the available space and weight or the curved roof that I had to consider while designing the construction. I picked 12mm plywood to build the door frame and 6mm plywood for the door to save some weight.

Opened shower door

I built a separate frame for stabilizing the door and preventing the thin plywood from bending.

Frame stabilizing the door

When the door is closed, it overlaps the door frame which should avoid water floating out of the shower.

Closed shower door

Three small magnets embedded into the door frame will keep the door closed.

Magnets in the door frame

Installing the drain

I used my router to cut a hole into the floor that matches the shape of the drain.

Magnets in the door frame

Similarly, I shaped the floor panel for the shower.

Magnets in the door frame

The drain will be connected to a waste water tank mounted below the van.

Mounting the wall panels

Once all the parts were ready, I mounted the floor and wall panels into the shower frame.

Construction pushing the wall panels on the frame

I was very happy with the result. The construction seemed very stable, perfectly fitted the van and offered enough space to wash my body.

Shower cabin

I still have to build a cover for the fans before filling the joints and covering the wood with glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and epoxy resin. I can’t wait to take my first shower in my van! :shower: