Cruising through Spain

May 17, 2021

After spending several months in the sun on the Canary Islands, the rain finally washed all the dust off my van when I arrived in Cádiz.

Driving through the rain in Cádiz

The ferry ride was quite long and exhausting, so I decided to stay at the beach front of Cádiz for a couple of days to relax and hangout with one of my co-workers living in the area.

Mercedes 508D parked in front of the beach in Cádiz

Exploring the Spanish inland

There was no time pressure, so I cruised relaxed through the Spanish inland headed to Madrid where I wanted to meet some friends. After spending so much time at the sea, I really enjoyed Pantano de Proserpina, a freshwater lake in the area of Mérida.

View on Pantano de Proserpina

The weather was nice and the area very quiet, so I decided to stay at the lake to work and relax.

Mercedes 508 parked at Pantano de Proserpina

After driving about 150km north, I settled near the convent of Belvis De Monroy.

Convent of Belvis De Monroy

Looking south, the elevation offered a nice view on embalse de Valdecañas.

View on embalse de Valdecañas

When looking west, the setting sun lightened the religious statue.

religious statue near the convent of Belvis De Monroy

There was a spacious and quite picnic area where I worked and relaxed.

Picnic area near Belvis De Monroy

Visiting friends in Madrid

A few days later, I arrived at the Spanish capitol where I stayed at Casa de Campo,

Casa de Campo

and near Zona Verde de El Capricho.

Mercedes 508 parked near Zona Verde de El Capricho

After spending a couple of joyful days with my friends in Madrid, I continued my journey headed to Catalonia.

Mercedes 508 driving on the Spanish highway