Enjoying Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

May 9, 2021

Our Canary-camper-crew slowly started to break up. Some of us met other friends on other islands or had to set out on their journey back to the European mainland. Toward the end of March the core of our group had left Fuerteventura and I spent a couple of days on my own in the south east of the island near el Tabloncillo.

Mercedes 508 parked in a bay near el Tabloncillo

Returning to Lanzarote

I felt like a change and decided to take a ferry back to Lanzarote where I spent the first days near Playa del Papagayo, one of my most favorite beaches on Lanzarote.

Playa del Papagayo

A few days later, someone I had previously met on Fuerteventura came to Lanzarote, too. We both worked from my van and spent our free time hiking around the island. On a cloudy weekend, we climbed around the crater of volcano La Corona,

Hiking at Vulcano La Corona

where we found a lot of flowers growing out of the cracks.

Flowers at the crater of Vulcano La Corona

The weather was much better when we stayed near Famara where we enjoyed the view on the cliffs during the sunset.

Cliffs of Famara during the sunset

We also spent a couple of days in and around Haría, a very relaxed village in the mountains.

View on Haría

We enjoyed lovely sunsets just a few kilometers west of Haría with amazing views on Famara and la Graciosa.

View from the cliffs west of Haría

I had visited seven of the Canary Islands, so I was looking forward to finally visit the smallest of the eight main islands. Visitors weren’t allowed to bring their cars or campers on the little island, so we decided to take the ferry early in the morning to surround and explore the island by bike on a single day. We took a long beach break at Playa de las Conchas, one of the most beautiful beaches that I had seen on the Canaries.

Playa de las Conchas

After our trip to la Graciosa, we spent a couple of days in the North of Lanzarote in front of Playa De Orzola.

Mercedes 508 parked in front of Playa De Orzola

A few kilometers south-east of Orzola, we stayed close to Mala in a field full of volcano rocks.

Mercedes 508 near Mala

There was a natural pool right next to the van where we could enjoy the sun and refreshing baths.

Natural pool near Mala

On our way to the southern part of the island we stayed in another rocky field near Mancha Blanca where we had a nice view on volcano Caldera Blanca.

Mercedes parked near Mancha Blanca

We spent our last days on Lanzarote in the South where we visted the “green lake”.

El Lago Verde at Playa de los Ciclos

We really had a great time on Lanzarote and were both positively surprised how well it worked to stay together in a six square meters “apartment” for more than four weeks.

Spending the last days on Fuerteventura

After my visitor flew back to the mainland from Fuerteventura, I spent a couple of days working and surfing at the north-west coast of Fuerteventura.

Mercedes 508 parked in front of the beach

I stayed in good company with other Mercedes enthusiasts: A couple from Italy living in long 407D

Mercedes 407D and 508D

and Martin and Peggy from Germany living in a beautiful and gigantic Mercedes 1113.

Mercedes 508D and 1113

Time flew. In May, I realized that I had almost spent half a year on the Canary Islands. The winter was over, so I decided to book a ferry to Cádiz in Spain. I felt ready and motivated to go back to the mainland to welcome spring.

View from the ferry on Lanzarote

I met and stayed with so many great people. What a lovely winter! :sunny: