Entering the Swedish woods

August 27, 2020

The finally stop of my journey through Germany was only a few hours away from Sweden, so I decided to join my friend Moritz who wanted to go on van trip through Sweden. I’d work during weekdays and join his activities in the evenings and on the weekends.

Crossing Denmark

The ferry from Fehmarn to Denmark took only 45 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t explore Denmark in detail because of COVID-19 restrictions. I had to provide a proof stating that I wouldn’t stay in Denmark, so I booked a pitch on a campsite near Trelleborg in Sweden where Moritz was supposed to arrive by ferry a few days later. I was told to cross the country without any major stops, so I only spent about two hours in Denmark following the highway E47 to Malmö.

Bridge on highway E47 in Denmark

Working from the southern coast of Sweden

My first days in Sweden were pretty relaxed. The campground was relatively small, quiet and located right in front of the beach.

View on Nybostrand campground from the beach

While waiting for Moritz to arrive, I spent most of my days working. I occasionally went for a swim in the Baltic Sea or hung out at the beach enjoying the sunsets.

Sunset at Nybostrand

Heading north into the woods

Once Moritz arrived, we hit the road toward the North. Our first stop was Dagstorpssjön a nice little lake surrounded by trees.


We drove on small dirt roads through the woods, …

Dirt road in the woods

… looking for nice spots, …

Moritz standing on this VW T5

… and watching colorful sunsets.

Sunset on a dirt road in the forest

All the lakes, the gigantic forests in combination with the freedom of roam made Sweden a real gem for camper vans. While driving through the woods we found a lot of really nice spots like this clearing close to Örsjön.

Sun rise on a clearing in the forest

After charging my batteries through the solar panels, we drove closer to the lake and stayed in the forest.

Vans parked in the woods near Örsjön

There were several little islands in the lake which created a really nice atmosphere.


Working, fishing and relaxing

With the help of the iFiske app, we requested a fishing permit online and went with Moritz’s canoe on a fishing trip.

Moritz fishing at Örsjön

We caught a pike, stuffed it with a lot of garlic, lemon, herbs and olive oil,

Pike stuffed with garlic, lemon, herbs and olive oil

and finally put it on a grill.

Grilling a pike on the fire

What a delicious dinner!

Delicious dinner during the sunset

Headed north, we slowly drove from one lake to the other and usually stayed for one or two nights at remote places like this clearing in the woods near Holsjön.

Clearing near Holsjön

When I didn’t work on my laptop, I joined Moritz’s fishing trips,

Moritz fishing at Bolmen

collected berries,

Moritz fishing at Bolmen

or cut deadwood

Cutting wood

for a warming campfire in the evening.


The temperature seemed to cool down and we also experienced some rain, so I made sure to be well stocked with dry firewood to heat up my van with the little wood stove during cold working days.


Sweden has been great so far! I can’t wait to explore the northern part of the country which is supposed to be even more remote than the southern part.