Visiting Switzerland

July 31, 2020

After spending a great time in southern Germany in and around my hometown, I decided to visit coworkers and friends in Switzerland. My first stop was Rorschach, where I bought a Swiss SIM card allowing me to work during my trip through Switzerland. I picked a prepaid plan offered by Salt: unlimited data for 1.99 CHF per day.

Before visiting one of my coworkers in Zumikon, I spent one night at Pfäffikersee, a nice lake with really clear water and a beautiful scenery in the back.

Pfäffikersee in Switzerland

There were several public and freely accessible swimming areas inviting for a refreshing swim in the morning.

Exploring the Swiss lakes

Instead of quickly driving from Zumikon to my friends in Lausanne on the highway, I took an exhaustive detour and spent a couple days exploring some of Switzerland’s lakes like lake Hallwil,

Hallwilersee in Switzerland

or Baldeggersee.

Baldeggersee in Switzerland

The water temperature in these lakes was perfect for swimming. :swimmer:

After passing Lucerne, I drove into the mountains where I stayed at a really nice parking lot near Mount Pilatus that offered an amazing view on Vierwaldstättersee.

Parking lot with a nice view on Vierwaldstättersee

When following the country road 6 from Hergiswil to Thun, I passed lovely ancient villages,

Small ancient village on country road 6

and a few more lakes like lake Brienz.

Lake Brienz

Good times in Lausanne

Before driving into Lausanne, I spent one more quiet night in a forest near the city.

Parking lot in a forest close to Lausanne

Lausanne seemed like a really nice city. Not too big, not too small and located right in front of a big lake with the alps in the background. Beautiful!

View on Lausanne

The people living in Lausanne were my favorite part of the city. We swam in the lake several times,

Beahc near Vevey

went out for beers or met for dinner. I’ve spent such a great time with friends and people who became new friends. Even my van was able to enjoy good company in Lausanne. :wink:

Two Mercedes T2s parked in Lausanne

Great times! I can’t wait to visit Switzerland again. :heart: