Building the bed

April 12, 2019

I had a two-section bed in my mind: A permanent part in the back of the van right above the pull-out bike rack and a convertible part in the middle that could be transformed into a seating area with a table.

Building the permanent bed

I seamlessly attached the permanent bed to the seating area.

Scaffold of the bed

The bed is about 188cm long and 76cm wide which offers enough space for a single person of my size to sleep comfortably.

Iterating on the convertible seating area

The seating area offers a lot of storage space that is supposed be accessible from the top. I built a removable cover

Cover for the seat

and cut matching grooves into the frame of the seating area.

Grooves for the seat cover

After repeating the same work for the other side, the U-shaped frame of the seating and sleeping area was ready.

U-shaped frame of the seating and sleeping area

Installing an adjustable table

As I didn’t like the gap between the floor and the socket for the table base,

gap between the floor and the socket

I spend some extra time on crafting an appealing socket out of oak wood.

Socket made of oak wood

I liked the new socket much better.

Socket made of oak wood

I used the same oak wood to built the tabletop which turned out very nice after properly sanding and oiling it.

Table in the seating area

The table can be vertically adjusted and allows me to easily turn the seating area into a huge bed that offers enough space for three persons to sleep comfortably.

Seating area converted into a bed

I’ve already ordered custom cushions matching the frame and can’t wait to sit, work and sleep in my new seating and sleeping area. :clap: