Building the wardrobe

February 11, 2022

I built a couple of small storage compartments spread across my van that I used to store my clothes. The cabin of the truck offered much more space than I had in the van, so I decided to built a spacious wardrobe to store all clothes in a central place.

I started with a simple sketch to get an idea of how to arrange the storage compartments.

Sketch of the wardrobe

I wanted a very light, yet stable wardrobe, so I built a scaffold using wooden dowels instead of working with thick wooden panels.

Building the scaffold with wooden dowels

The scaffold was very light.

Wooden scaffold of the wardrobe

When adhering the 4mm birch plywood panels, the whole construction became very stable.

Adhering the wooden panels

The basic construction of the wardrobe weighed less than 10kg.

Basic construction of the wardrobe

I used the same technic to build the door of the wardrobe: Instead of mounting a heavy thick wooden panel, I build a light frame,

Frame of the door

and embedded a thin 4mm birch plywood panel that provided stability.

Sanding the door

Once the basic construction was ready, I installed it into the cabin in front of the bed on the right side.

Installing the wardrobe into the cabin

The light door nicely fitted into the wardrobe.

Mounting the door of the wardrobe

Inside the door, I installed a mirror and a few removable boxes to store socks and underwear.

Installing a mirror into the door of the wardrobe

To avoid the wardrobe getting too hot, I built a heat shield out of aluminium to reflect the heat of the chimney.

Installing a heat protection in between the wardrobe and the chimney

I really liked the result of this project. I was finally able to store my clothes in a spacious wardrobe. :tada: