Mounting pull-out mosquito nets

February 15, 2022

When working out of my van in warm areas, I either had to close the doors to keep flies and mosquitos out of the van or accept a bunch of insects invading my office while enjoying a fresh breeze. The cabin of the truck had a lot of windows and I wanted to be able to keep them open without having to worry about insects, so I mounted pull-out mosquito nets into the sidewalls.

rolled-up mosquito net

With the help of a spring, the nets were automatically rolled up and could be easily pulled down to keep insects out of the cabin.

pulled-out mosquito net

I cut five of these roll-up nets to size and installed them in front of each window.

Wooden slats below the windows on the right side

I also fitted a bunch of wooden slats that would allow me to mount the window sills later on.

Wooden slats below the windows on the left side

I was finally done with preparing the cabin for applying the wall-cladding. :tada: