Enjoying the sun with friends

July 23, 2019

I managed to build most of the technical features during the winter. By the end of March, I was able to store my mountain bike, take a shower, cook warm meals, treat dirty water, sleep and work in my van. Although there was still a lot of work to be done, I packed all my tools and building materials into the van and left the farm in April.

All my stuff packed into the van

It was about time to soak up some sun and test all the things I built during the winter!

Leaving Germany

My first destination was Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. I slowly traveled through the Alps,


spending most of the daytime working in my new wooden office.

Wooden office

After a few calm working days in Austria, I crossed the Alps and reunited with my friends from the farm near Lago di Garda in Italy.

We enjoyed a sunny weekend climbing,

Climbing near Lago di Garda

relaxing and hanging out.

Hanging out at the campfire

Discovering Sardinia

We took the ferry from Livorno to Olbia where we started exploring the island. We often stayed at calm beaches on the west coast.

Rocky beach at the west coast of Sardinia

I really enjoyed hanging out with my buddies watching the beautiful sunsets after work. Good times!

Sun set

While you can go surfing at the west coast,

Surfing on the west coast of Sardinia

there are also big mountains in the east where you can go hiking, climbing and mountain-biking.

Mountains in Sardinia

In contrast to the rough west coast, there are some calm white sand beaches at the east coast with crystal clear water. Wow!

White sand beach in Sardinia

Most of these beaches are only reachable by boat or foot. We mostly stayed on top of the cliffs where I had good connectivity to do my work. :computer:

Vans on top of the cliffs

Visiting family and friends across Germany

At GitHub, engineering teams regularly meet in person to spend some time together and discuss high-level roadmaps. This spring, my team decided to meet in Amsterdam, so I had to leave Sardinia in May headed to the Netherlands.

After welcoming spring in Sardinia, I experienced winter for a short moment again when crossing the Alps.

Snow at Brenner

On my way to Amsterdam I stopped in my hometown where spring had arrived, too.

Field near Isny

I really enjoyed the time with my family and friends. After traveling through foreign countries for more than two years, I felt like spending the summer in Germany with my family and close friends living all across country. I sketched out a rough route through Germany to meet most of them: From Amsterdam to Cologne where we celebrated the record release of my friends’ band the Boneshakers.

Boneshakers record release party

Via Münster and Hanover to Berlin where I spent a few lovely weeks in my old neighborhood near Tempelhofer Feld.

Van parked next to Tempelhofer Feld

From Berlin to Dresden where I built a storage rack into the back of my van,

Building a rack into the back of the van

Via Fulda to the farm where we celebrated a big summer party.

Summer party at the farm

Back to my hometown where I spent joyful days with my family and friends and relaxing evenings by myself,

Relaxing in the sunset

and finally to Munich where I found one of the best spots in a big city.

Great spot in Munich near Isar

I spent a whole work week surrounded by trees, right next to a refreshing river. The city center was only a 10 minutes bike ride away where I met with my friends after work. What an awesome spot! Nevertheless, I left Munich last week to enjoy the nature in the Alps,

Nature in the Alps

and met my friend for some mountain-biking.

Mountain-biking with one of my best friends

Cities, parties, sun, nature, family and friends: you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the summer! :wink: